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Today's Katahdin: This breed is the future of the sheep industry.

Prized for:

Meat production, Hair and Utility.

Katahdin Herd
Notes from the Field

The original Katahdin herd came from Mrs. Hamlin and four registered rams from Jim Lovelace.

All Katahdin are not created equal and some other early purchases were a disappointment and culled. Early selection was done on pounds of lamb weaned at 60 days.

Inadvertantly, I was also selecting for parasite resistance and adaptability to southern Bahaia pasture. As new testing became available, I added ultrasound for rib eye, Famacha for parasite resistance and Scrapie DNA.


  Katahdin sheep at Fair Meadow Sheep

Katahdin Lambs at Fairmeadow

Breeding Results we are Seeking

Our ideal Ewe meet or exceeds these goals.

Katahdin Sheep at Fairmeadowsheepfarm.com, Sheep Breeders

1. Weighs 125 to 150 pounds
2. Lambs on pasture unassisted
3. Weans twins totaling 80 pounds at 60 days
4. Hair coat that sheds in the spring and equally important grows a dense waterproof winter coat. We don't want a tropical breed.
5. She is polled
6. Has good feet
7. Has never been wormed
8. Is mostly Katahdin.

Genetics from Wiltshire horn, Florida native, Freisian Dairy sheep have brought in some improvements.

Used Wiltshire Horn to improve thickness, lambing ease and bone.

Used Florida Native to improve parasite resistance, lamb behavior/instinct and health.

Used Fresian Dairy to improve colostrums, increase size and fertility.

I call them "Enhanced Katahdin."

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